Last summer, an unidentified man got a new tattoo on his leg and days later, went swimming in the Gulf Of Mexico. After an extended hospital stay, that man tragically died. His tattoo artist warned him to stay out of the water, such as lakes and seas, for at least two weeks. He didn't listen, and tragically it cost him his life. If you're planning on getting a new tattoo this summer, whatever you do, listen to the advice of your tattoo artist, and this is why...

When you get a tattoo, you basically have many small, open wounds on your body. That's why the tattoo scabs up a little and itches after you get it. It's the body healing the skin. If you don't wait until the area has fully healed, you are extremely susceptible to bacterial infection. It's almost like you're opening the front door, inviting bad bad things to get inside your body and do some serious damage.

The man mentioned above had to deal with bacteria eating chunks of his flesh away, sepsis, eventually organ failure, and ultimately died as a result. It all happened really quick too. The day after he went swimming, he developed a fever, chills and a red rash close to his tattoo.

© BMJ Case Reports via
© BMJ Case Reports via


So, just don't do it. Wait the two weeks like your tattoo artists tells you. It's not worth it to risk it.

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