In recent months, iLoveMakonnen has expressed some disillusionment with the music industry. The Atlanta rapper has looked to free himself from some perceived constraints and his latest release is a perfect example of that. "BreakThatShitDown" is a 14-minute freestyle that sees the "Tuesday" artist exploring his freedom as it was recorded in just one take.

"I want to share this with my fans and people around the world who need it," iLoveMakonnen wrote. "This isn't made for the radio. This is made for you when u need some time to take for yourself to get away from the dramas of your life, just listen to this real loud and break that shit and let it go! Fight depression and enjoy life! Thank you for all your support! Hope this helps u through the way you help me!"

ILoveMakonnen has been on a new journey as he rediscovers himself as an artist. Last month, the rapper's long rumored exit from OVO Sound was confirmed. While there seemed to be some tension between iLoveMakonnen and the label, he was very thankful upon his exit.

"I cannot thank OVO, 40, Oliver, Future and Mr. Morgan enough for all that they have done for my career," iLoveMakonnen said in a statement. "No words can express how much I appreciate Drake for being a part of the success of Tuesday. I’m sure the haters will have something negative to say, but all in all my choice to be solely on Warner Bros Records was the right thing for me and for my best interest. Sorry there’s no beef to report, DRINK MORE WATER."

Earlier this month, iLoveMakonnen's frustrations with business seemed to reach their peak as he announced he would be retiring. Makonnen has since deleted the tweet about his retirement and continued to release new music like "BreakThatShitDown."

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