Back in April, iLoveMakonnen announced via Instagram that he and Lil Yachty were working on a joint mixtape, saying, “The moment y’all been waiting on, the Red Dragon and…” before Yachty appeared in the frame. While the two had been featured alongside one another earlier this month on "Loaded Up," their new track "If You Down" gives an even clearer look into what their union may sound like.

Produced by Danny Wolf and SenseiATL, "If You Down" melds both rapper's woozy flows to hypnotic-like results. The track's hook shows Makonnen asking a prospective love interest if they're down to chill and keep it real, with Lil Yachty recalling late night BMW rides that went into the early morning.

While Makonnen announced his intent to retire from the game just this month, "If You Down" is the second track to come out since, following up "Sound Like Who?" in which he called out the many biters of his style and sound. Airing out his frustrations on Twitter and explaining his decision to withdraw from music, Makonnen wrote, “If I could release music how I wanted I wouldn’t retire, but then if [I] did that, so many would have to just retire, so I’ll accept retire…the world doesn’t need Makonnen, the world needs people to be themselves like Makonnen.”

It isn't clear if Makonnen had a change of heart or is simply unloading his remaining cuts, but time will certainly tell whether or not his project with Yachty will be his last. Listen as Makonnen and Lil Yachty connect on "If You Down" up above.

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