Mardi Gras is almost here.

Several communities across south Louisiana are preparing for Mardi Gras parades in the weeks ahead and safety should always be your priority if attending.

So many people will be coming together in the weeks ahead to watch the floats and to catch the beads, and that is when the unthinkable can happen.

Often when we "get caught up in the moment," it takes just a second for a kid to wander away from their parents.


So, what can you do ahead of time in the event your child goes missing while at a Mardi Gras parade?

It is probably a great idea to pin your contact information to your child or put your information in your child's pocket prior to arriving at the parade route.

If your child is found by someone or by authorities, it will be easier and quicker for them to find you. I know we often say that it would never happen to me, but kids are quick and at times can easily get turned around in crowds.

It is best to be safe and have your contact information, along with your name and address, attached to your child before entering the pandamonium along a parade route.

Again, this isn't to scare anyone, but it is best to be prepared if your child does go missing while at a parade.

We hope you all have a safe Mardi Gras celebration and be sure to catch LOTS of beads with the kids!!


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