Well, this is one sport (of many) that I'll never be able to participate. If you took volleyball and soccer and put them in a blender, you'd get Sepak Takraw. This sport has its origins in the 1,400s in Malaysia. The sport spread throughout the Phillippines and developed into the sport that can be seen today. Originally a game called Cuju played by the Chinese military, the equipment changed from the shuttlecock (similar to the target of badminton games) to the current woven ball.

For a variety of reasons, I'll never be able to play this game, not the least of which is the athletic ability to jump that high and land on your feet like a cat every time you spike the ball.  Back in the day, the closest we had to this was the hacky sack, but no one ever thought to cut a flip and spike the sack at someone else. If you like the concept of soccer and the whole 'not using your hands' thing, but wish they would score more, this is the sport for you.

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