As Cajuns, we love to cut up with our friends and family here in Louisiana. Whether it's picking on your little cousins across a table covered in boiled crawfish or screaming "Throw me something mister" at a Mardi Gras parade, we know how to project our voices to say the very least. We are trained at a young age to be able to hold a full-on conversation about "why Becky is getting divorced" while Keith Frank plays in the background at Rhythms on the River.

This won't come as a shock to anyone born and raised here in Louisiana, but we ranked at the top of this list for states with the loudest talkers.

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Louisiana, the life of the party, known for our spirited celebrations and lively culture, doesn't stop at the festivities – our everyday life is just as noisy. We blare our music a little too loud, and yell over Wayne Toups, but who cares right?

A recent Preply survey aimed to find out which loud habits bug Americans the most. They asked people about things like speaking loudly on speakerphones in public or chewing noisily and tried to figure out who's most guilty of these noise-making habits in each state.

Here's the lowdown:

  1. Louisiana took the crown as the loudest talkers in the entire United States. We're not just loud at parties; it seems we are loud in our everyday conversations too.
  2. Not far behind, Florida and New Jersey landed in the top three, sharing the title of noisy neighbors.

And it's not just states; cities joined the noise party too:

  1. The cities of Louisville, Kentucky, and Charlotte, North Carolina came out as the top chatterboxes in the U.S. They've got some talkative folks too.

The survey also revealed the top two most irritating things you can do in public:

  1. Talking loudly - This topped the list as the biggest annoyance in public spaces.
  2. Chatting on the phone in movie theaters - This was another big no-no according to the folks surveyed.

The states most irritated by loud people in public spaces were:

So basically what they are saying is we should probably steer clear of these states since we don't know what 'Inside Voices' are.

  1. California - They find noisy folks particularly annoying.
  2. Georgia - Noisy neighbors don't sit well with Georgians either.
  3. Nebraska - They're not too thrilled with loud folks either.

Finally, we have Portland with residents who are super sensitive to noise in public. So, if you're in Portland, keep the volume down.

Preply's survey has given us a sneak peek into how Americans feel about noise across the country. But really, it is no surprise we took home the title of 'Loudest Talkers' in the country.

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