NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't do it Jeremy! It's not a good idea! (just ask Kris Humphries) According to MediaTakeout, Kim's publicist has arranged a date for her with New York Knicks recent sensation Jeremy Lin. This is all according to a close friend of Kim K, and if it does prove to be true, it would definitely be 'Linsanity.'

She thinks [Jeremy] is cute, and she's good friend's with [Jeremy's teammate Carmelo Anthony's wife] Lala. It's going to be a double date.

[via MediaTakeout]

According to the gossip website, Lin is "EXCITED TO MEET KIM." I wonder if Kim knows he's been sleeping on a teammates couch? Then again, would she really be above hooking up on it? I mean we ARE talking about Kim Kardashian here; and let's not lose sight of the real reason she is famous in the first place.

This poor couch.



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