Louisiana will always be home, but what if you could live on a cruise ship and travel the world for the same price as the cost of living here in the boot? Instead of mowing grass and paying a car note you could be traveling the world and living a life at sea, instead of a life near a swamp.

Just in case you are considering retiring soon or maybe you are recently divorced and want to get out of your small town for two years, we have all the details you need to decide if you want to set sail this year.

Personally, we are super jealous of anyone who can work remotely, imagine your daily office view casually being the ocean.

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Alonso Reyes Via Unsplash
Alonso Reyes Via Unsplash

Victoria Cruise Line

While the concept of living on a cruise ship has been around for some time now this is a brand new option from the Victoria Cruise Line. In total, there are 214 ports and over 100 countries on seven continents on the itinerary for those who choose to embark on this two-year adventure. The ship will depart from Fort Lauderdale, Flordia on December 1st and it is 750 feet long and 100 feet wide with plans to house 1,000 passengers onboard.

Ben O Bro Via Unsplash
Ben O Bro Via Unsplash

What's Included In the Cost?

For $2,400 Per Person Monthly 37-Month Option:

  • Cooked meals
  • Television
  • Wi-Fi
  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Access to Doctors, Nurses, and a Dentist

On top of all of these services and amenities included in your rent, they also offer a laundry service that will do your laundry three times a week. If that isn't enough, additionally you won't have to worry about cleaning during your stay. You will be provided with a maid service and a daily turndown service.

Need a Break From Your Life At Sea?

Let's say you get seasick or homesick, maybe you don't want to miss a family member's graduation or wedding. The cruise line allows passengers to pay 30% of their rent while away on a break if needed.

No strings attached and all expenses included? This could be a really fun way to spend your retirement or just work remotely. You still have time to decide but if you want more details check out their website for more details here.

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