You know the song. If nothing else, "FIVE GOLDEN RINGS" probably springs out of your mouth loudly. But how much would it cost to purchase everything from the song?

I'm sure when the song was written, it may have been a little more cost effective. But when you inflate it to today's cost? Not so much.

According to PNC Financial Services' annual list of the cost of everything in the song, it would set you back a whopping $38,993.59 to purchase everything from "The 12 Days of Christmas".

Now, that's just to buy everything in the song ONCE. If you were to purchase everything in multiples as the song suggests, that would cost you $170,298.03.

The most expensive thing on the list is seven swans-a-swimming. They'll run you $13,125, or $1,875 each.

The cheapest thing on the list? The partridge to put in your pear tree at just $20.18. The pear tree will get you for $199.95!

Here's everything you'd get:

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