Do you ever turn your phone off and turn it back on? I'm talking about restarting your phone like we do our computers. I rarely turn my phone off and restart it. Now that I'm writing this I don't remember the last time I did.

Considering we're on our phones all the time or at the very least glancing at them several times an hour to see if anyone is trying to reach us, it's no wonder we never turn them off. Even if we mute them while we're sleeping or in a meeting, having access is second nature even allowing certain people's phone numbers to come through no matter what in case of an emergency.

However, should we be shutting them down for a bit each day or at the very least restarting them? IT experts ask us to do this with computers and even as humans we need to refresh and recharge.

According to Reader's Digest, our phones most definitely need to reboot and refresh to stay working at top-notch. Unlike computers, our smartphones have a basic hard and fast rule we should all live by.

According to Reader's Digest, once a week we should turn our phones off completely for at least one minute. That's it! It's that simple.

Restarting our phones weekly helps them retain memory, helps prevent crashes, keeps them running more smoothly, and prolongs battery life according to Reader's Digest. 

Meanwhile, according to Forbes, daily shutdowns for a few minutes or longer not only clear out our phone's cache and help prevent hacking, but it's also good for us to have a few moments of digital detox if you will.

Basically, it's healthy for both us humans and our smartphones uninterrupted time to have breaks from each other.

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