Victoria Justice hinted at what goes down in her group chats with former Nickelodeon castmates from Victorious and Zoey 101.

She told E! News that despite both shows ending over ten years ago, both casts have "active" group chats to keep up with each other.

"We're all just going back and forth. It's very fun and silly," she revealed.

She added that most recently, she caught up with her Victorious co-stars Daniella Monet, Avan Jogia and Elizabeth Gillies via the group chat.

Apparently, the former castmates dished on "all kinds of stuff."

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"It's hard because everyone's busy living their own lives. People are living in different states, so I don't get to see everyone as often as I'd like to. But it's nice when we can all come together in the group chat," she shared.

She also reinforced that there is "nothing to" the outdated rumors of a feud between her and former Victorious co-star Ariana Grande.

"I love that entire cast. I love everyone from that show, and that's really all it is," she said.

The actor and singer even reunited with Monet recently via TikTok, where the former onscreen sisters filmed a cute video together.

Monet posted a video of the duo participating in the "Made For Me" challenge.

"Once a sister, always a sister," she wrote in the caption.

Similarly, a few days later, Monet posted a video with Victorious star Matt Bennett.

The sister duo also came together in support of Justice's new song "Raw" in an Instagram Reel.

Plus, to make the throwback vibes even stronger, Justice referenced her infamous "I think we all sing" meme during the video.

"Sing it. Somebody's gotta sing. It ain't me," Monet joked after Justice hummed a melody.

"I think we all sing, Daniella," Justice joked as the two burst out laughing.

"If you use that, it would break the internet," Monet grinned.

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