Do you think you have a cool story about how your child was born? Maybe it's your own story about how you were born according to FOX59.

News comes to us out of Indianapolis, Indiana about one for the record books.

Imagine, you just want to go to the game. If you are a fan, you go. But, should you do that when you are four days away from your due date? Any football-loving woman says, "Heck, yes!" And that's the story of how a baby was born at an NFL stadium.

Baby Socks on a Clothesline
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The mother was walking across the street to enter Lucus Oil Stadium to watch the Indianapolis Colts take on the Cleveland Browns when she started to go into labor.

And there is even more interesting news. The little girl that was born is the niece of the Browns' wide receiver David Bell.

Here is what Bell had to say about the situation:

It's a blessing. Her whole idea was to try to have the baby before the game, but you know it's all in God's time. So, now I have a new niece. So, hopefully, I get to see her when I come back to the city.

Imagine how it's going to be when you are going up and people ask you, "Where were you born?" and this little girl can say at the Colts/Browns game.

Baby goods hanging on the clothesline

Listen to how dramatically and how quickly everything started to happen. This is the quote from David Bell's mom, Kareem Butler,

She was due on the 26th, but her mom went into labor as we were crossing the street. So, when they got here, they went to the first aid. By the time they got her back there, the baby was crowning and they delivered her her at the stadium at 1:20.

Yes, it was the first aid folks who are always on standby at NFL games that took care of bringing the sweet little girl into the world.

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