Three New Iberia officers took the pledge "to protect and serve" to a great level this week after they saved the life of a woman according to KLFY.

Everyone can appreciate the saying, "While we are fleeing, first responders are running toward the danger". And that was certainly the case in New Iberia. These people were willing to risk their lives to save others.

Let's just call them what they are, heroes. Imagine if you see a home that is on fire and full of smoke. When you run to an officer two respond to help, and it's a good news story.

A resident near Lombard Street approached Officer Marek Mason and Recruit Officer Evan Dowling to tell them there was likely a fire, and they went to 600 Lombard Street.

During this time they radioed for the fire department, and while there they were told two people were inside the burning home.

The two officers sprang into action. After trying to get into the front of the house and being unsuccessful, Officer Mason went to the back of the house. He found an unresponsive woman, and he carried her out of the burning home. He and Sergeant Richard started CPR on the woman.

NIPD Officer and Communications Personnel
KLFY Photo

Meanwhile, Officer Dowling went into the burning home to ensure that no one else was left in there. Thankfully, no one else was found in the home.

The woman rescued from the home was in bad shape so Sergeant Richard took the woman to the hospital. She is said to be in critical condition.

Officials with the New Iberia Police Department also said the communications personnel should be recognized for their fast work at getting resources to the scene that were needed.

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