Teachers teach little children the basics that they need to move from Pre-K to kindergarten, and it's a rewarding job if you talk to the people in the profession.

Teachers mold the minds of young children to learn as much as possible to prepare them for the future.

All of this hard work by teachers doesn't go unnoticed. We have local awards for teachers and statewide awards for teachers in Louisiana. There is also a competition called, "America's Favorite Teacher".

Kelly Chitty with Students
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This year's contest has 64 quarter-finalists, and you can vote on who you want to be America's Favorite Teacher. Kellie Chitty is a Pre-K teacher at Bob Lilly Elementary School in Carencro and in order to get in the semi-finals she needs votes according to KLFY.

You must get the number one spot to be able to get into the semi-finals.

Kellie Chitty
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How Can You Vote for Kellie Chitty?

For Chitty to advance in the contest, people must vote for her. You can vote for free once every 24 hours. There is also a deadline.

The last day to vote for Chitty to get to the semi-finals is Thursday, May 16 at 9 p.m. Central time.

If you want to give her a vote, click https://americasfavteacher.org/2024/kellie-chitty every twenty-four hours.

Kellie Chitty with Teachers and Students
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Chitty will get massive recognition if she wins this contest and be featured in Reader's Digest. She would also receive a trip to Hawaii and $25,000!

Louisiana could sure use this recognition! Our state has AMAZING teachers, and everyone across the country should know about this!

Chitty says she focuses on each child's self-esteem and makes her classroom a family-friendly atmosphere.

Be sure to vote today and each day through the deadline of Thursday, May 16 at 9 p.m. Central.

Again, follow this link, https://americasfavteacher.org/2024/kellie-chitty, to vote for Kellie right now!

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