Mardi Gras in Lafayette, Louisiana is very family-friendly, however, it can also be very messy.

If you've ever attended Mardi Gras in Lafayette, and in other places for that matter, chances are you've seen people get to their spot along the parade route and "set up shop."

Some people take getting to their favorite spot very seriously and at times they will have tables, chairs, and even tents where they are as they await the parades.

Sadly, with all of that comes litter as some don't take into consideration what they are dropping on the ground. Many will leave behind what they do not need after the parades are done, while others are much more considerate.

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And that's where one mom comes into play here. My family and I were on Johnston Street in Lafayette on Mardi Gras day, near the downtown area, and many were out early to claim their spot along the barricades.

Throughout the day I watched people drink, cook, visit, and cheer as floats drove past us, and once it was time to leave many simply picked up and walked away from "their spot."

Well, I saw one mom stop her kids from leaving too soon, and demand that they clean up the area that they had occupied for most of the day. I watched as a mother had her kids pick up paper, leftover beads, and other things that we would classify as litter.

This mom could have done what 99% of the rest of the people did along the route and simply walked away as the last float came by, but she did not. This mom, who I do not know personally, set an example to her kids, and that was to clean up after yourself.

Mardi Gras Comes To An End
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Unfortunately, much of the parade route in Lafayette, like in other cities, was left filthy for sanitation workers to clean up, but one area in Lafayette was not, and it's because of this one mother.

So, I don't know who you are, but I wanted to say, Thank You! What you did on Mardi Gras Day was a learning lesson for your kids, and an inspiration to me to be the best parent that I can be.

Your awareness and selflessness did not go unnoticed.


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