We've seen so many beautiful photos of ice in Louisiana and now we have another photo to add to the list and it comes from The Myrtles in St. Francisville, LA.

The famous fountain on the grounds recently froze as temperatures dropped way below freezing for consecutive nights and as you can see here, the fountain is draped with ice.

Knowing the history of the Myrtles, I started to look around at the photo that was posted on Facebook to see if there were any "images" in the photo that may appear.

After scanning the photo several times, while admiring the fountain, something caught my eye and that's when I began to zoom in on the photo.

In the window, which is to the left of the fountain, there appears to be a "figure" looking out of the window. The figure, which some of my colleagues say looks like a man, appears to be wearing a black suit or cloth.

Is this someone in the house looking out, is it a photo on the wall, or could this be one of the spirits known to roam the grounds at The Myrtles? I am not here to suggest any, but I am confident that there's something in this window.

Take a good look at the photo below, and focus on what is in the center of the circle, which I included here. And no, my Photoshop skills aren't that good for me to insert what I think is an image in the photo below.

The Myrtlles
The Myrtles

Now that you've examined the photo in question, please feel free to let us know what you think is in the window if anything at all. You can comment on the social media page that directed you to this photo and story.

Oh, and this isn't the first time we shared questionable photos with you from The Myrtles, Remember this photo in question, which was taken by a woman from Lafayette?

See the photo HERE. 

Here's the original post from social media from The Myrtles. Do you think they see what we see?


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