A viral video that seemingly shows a bird motionless, stuck in the air mid-flight has people scratching their heads wondering if this is a genuine glitch in the matrix.

Dead Bird Glitch in the Matrix
TikTok Via Bluefrenchhorn26

Dead Bird Floating in Sky Called Glitch in the Matrix

TikToker @bluefrenchhorn26 posted a video to her feed that was filmed by her daughter's boyfriend near Vancouver, Canada which has the internet quite confused.

The young man was on his way to lifeguard training when he noticed something really strange in the air hovering above the road and powerlines.

Not believing what he was seeing, he stopped his car in the middle of the street and grabbed his phone to get video of this scene.

What he saw, and what it looks like he grabbed video of was a dead bird stuck in the air, motionless, just completely "stuck" in the sky.

Although the video was originally posted to TikTok in February, it's recently gone viral once again, continuing to confound people trying to find an explanation.

Black Bird Suck in Air
YouTube Via Castanet News

It wasn't just the original poster's daughter's boyfriend who saw it and shot the video, it was noticed and videoed by other people with different camera angles.

From MSN.com -

"The clip then showed someone filming through their car windshield an object that looked like a dead bird suspended in the sky.

Other passersby could be seen filming from outside their vehicles as they were all left baffled by the sight."

Could someone be pulling a prank by stringing the dead bird up between the two telephone poles with clear fishing line or white string?

That would definitely explain it, but in the second video taken from a different angle, there's a really tight zoom-in on the bird, close enough to where you should be able to see whatever is holding the bird up in mid-air.

But, nothing can be seen that would help explain how or why the bird is floating in the air.

So, below is the original video plus a second video taken from a different angle.

Is it a glitch in the matrix, or is it just a clever trick?

Read more at MSN.com.

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