A viral video showing two 18-wheelers fighting and trying to run each other off the road on I-49 has reportedly led to both drivers being arrested.

18 Wheeler Fight I-49 Louisiana
Screen Cap Via KTBS

Drivers Of 18 Wheeler Fight On I-49 Arrested

Last week, a video went viral showing two 18-wheelers fighting and attempting to run each other off I-49.

Motorists in the area cautiously came to a stop as others quickly took the exit in an effort to distance themselves from the feuding truck drivers.

In the video shot by Kristin Hill Wilson of Grand Cane, La, you're going to see something you never thought you'd ever see.

What Hill caught on video is 18-wheelers squaring off with each other while traveling on I-49 in Stonewall, La.

(Original video below)


KSLA.com reports that bother drivers have now been arrested for the incident.

From KSLA.com -

"On Monday, April 3, Trebor Hendrix, 30, of Grand Prairie, Texas, turned himself in Monday morning, officials with the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office report. Hendrix is charged with reckless operation and aggravated obstruction of a highway."

The other driver, 43-year-old Omar Berrios Martinez was arrested on March 29.

Aggravated obstruction of a highway is a felony offense.

18 Wheeler Drivers Arrested
KSLA.com Via DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office

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