Many of us think that we live in the hottest place in America. However, you should now know that this is not the case -- we're merely the fifth hottest state.

A study conducted by Payless Power used data collected from weather patterns from January 2009 to October 2023 in major cities in each state.

From that data, they deduced that Louisiana ranks fifth for the hottest average daily temperature. Louisiana has an average temperature of 68.5º. (Keep in mind that we actually do have a winter here too.)

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Which Louisiana city is the hottest?

New Orleans has the highest temperature in the state with an average temperature of 71º.

According to the study, the hottest U.S. city is St. Louis, whose average temperature is 83.3º.

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Here comes the sun...

According to the study, Louisiana is tied as the 10th sunniest state with an average of 9.7 hours of sunlight.

If not the Bayou State, which state is the hottest?

That distinction goes to Florida. The average temperature in the Sunshine State is 74.1º.

Here are the top 10 hottest states based on average daily temperature:

  1. Florida: 74.1º
  2. Hawaii: 73.8º
  3. Arizona: 73.6º
  4. Texas: 68.9º
  5. Louisiana: 68.5º
  6. Mississippi: 66.5º
  7. Nevada: 65.9º
  8. Alabama: 64.6º
  9. Georgia: 64.6º
  10. South Carolina: 63.9º
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For this study, Payless Power gathered World Weather Online API daily weather data from January 2009 to October 2023 for the five most populous cities within each U.S. state.

In particular, they gathered average temperature, maximum temperature, minimum temperature, and daily sunlight hours. Those statistics were then converted to monthly and yearly weather data for each city.

To see the entire study from Payless Power, click here.

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