There is a major construction project beginning next week in Broussard, Louisiana that will affect many drivers across Acadiana.

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) announced that a traffic shift is planned for U.S. 90 northbound as they begin part of the $136 million Ambassador Caffery Interchange project.

When will construction begin?

Beginning at 8:00 am on Thursday, February 22, 2024, construction crews are scheduled to transition U.S. 90 northbound traffic entirely to a stretch of new frontage road.

You can see the planned shift in the illustration below.


How will travel be affected?

As you can see, U.S. 90 northbound drivers will be shifted onto the new northbound frontage road approximately 0.4 miles south of Ambassador Caffery Parkway and then shifted back onto U.S. 90 northbound approximately 0.3 miles south of the BNSF railroad overpass.

The new frontage road will be two lanes of traffic in the northbound direction. Also, a signal light has been installed at the intersection of the new frontage road and Ambassador Caffery Parkway/Corne Road to accommodate through and left-turning traffic.

This temporary traffic shift is necessary to allow crews to begin widening the existing mainline of U.S. 90 northbound and constructing the new overpass. The traffic shift will be in place until the project is nearly complete.

Road construction sign.
XtremerX, ThinkStock

When will the construction be completed?

The Ambassador Caffery Interchange construction project is estimated to be completed by spring 2026.

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