A TikTok account that has generated millions of views thanks to it's get-rich-quick tips has people wondering if it is legit or an elaborate bit.

How To Make Drink Coasters And A Profit

TikTok user @upcharge101, who goes by Steven on their profile, has quickly amassed a following of more than 375,000 people who can't get enough of his hacks to make a quick buck.

"You got $10, yeah? Let me put you on to something real quick," Steven says in a recent video filmed in a home improvement store. He goes on to tell viewers how they can buy a piece of lumber for $10 and cut it down to make drink coaster sets that will bring in upwards of $1,400.

The video has been viewed more than 32 million times and was one of the most popular TikTok posts last week.

"There ain't no excuse for anybody to be broke," he ends the video.

Wait, Is @Upcharge101 On TikTok Real?

With every video, Stephen speaks with more conviction as he delivers yet another tip to make money. There is no smile on his face when he recommends contractors "upcharge" for an additional service like going out on a rainy day or offering to clean off someone's AC unit.

He seems to believe what he is saying.

Several of the videos center around what is portrayed to be his concrete business. There is no link for the business included on the account, and its name is never mentioned.

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Up until late this week, the handle for the account was @linkcrete20 before it was changed to lean more into content about upcharging customers.

"You remember this driveway that I poured with the caution tape that I upcharged $500 to put out? Well, it's been exactly one week later and I am back here taking it up for another $600," the TikToker says in another video that appears do be filmed right after he removed the tape and wooden stakes from a customer's property.

Even after allegedly charging the homeowner for the concrete work, the placement of the caution tape and its removal a week later, Stephen has another opportunity to make additional money with this job.

"I figured, what a good chance to upcharge, so I've got some grass seed right here."

Early videos on the account, which date back to 2022, appear to be for a legitimate concrete business. Maybe this guy is actually on to something.

Anyone interested in my wood coaster sets?

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