As someone who went to Comeaux High School in the late 90s, seeing those familiar red bricks always brings back a lot of memories. Those bricks weren’t just part of the school's look; they felt like a piece of its soul. So, when I saw the new photos of the school's front circle, it was a real shock—those red bricks are now white, and the columns are painted Spartan blue.

Comeaux High School shared this big change on its official Facebook page with a photos from an April 2024 construction update from Lafayette Parish School Superintendent Francis Touchet. The photos showed a before-and-after look at the front circle, which really showed off how different it looks now. The upgrade is getting lots of attention, with hundreds of shares and loads of comments from people who were either really impressed or a bit surprised by the new colors.

The school's excitment could be felt through its caption: "We've been making some changes!! Take a look at the before and after of our school's front circle! #SpartanStrong." While many loved the new style, some said it reminded them more of the trendy neighborhoods like River Ranch in Lafayette and Sugar Mill Pond in Youngsville. Still, most of the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

This facelift is just one part of what the Lafayette Parish School System is doing to update schools around the area. Some changes might go unnoticed, but the new look at Comeaux High is hard to miss.

For those of us (shout out to the Class of '99) who remember the old red bricks, it might take some time to get used to the new white and blue. But it’s cool to think about how the current and future students will make their own memories with this new backdrop.

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Gallery Credit: John Robinson

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