Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - Drivers understand the frustration of being stuck in traffic. Louisiana drivers know well how often snarls are caused by construction. While we bemoan poor road and drainage conditions, we understand (under all that frustration) that construction is necessary to improve the situation.

Thankfully, Lafayette Consolidated Government has done its best to let the public know when construction projects will begin and end so they know why they are moving slower than usual or so that they can plan accordingly.


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Crews completed part of the University Avenue Revitalization in Lafayette the week of February 26. The four-day project from Alcide Dominique Drive (just off Interstate 10) to Walker Road (near the underpass) involved removing the existing center turn lane and shifting travel lanes toward the middle of the roadway. The lanes were also narrowed to provide the contractor enough room to work on the outer part of the road.

The February 26 through 29 work set up for various phases of the project will ultimately replace the center lane with a raised median while upgrading pedestrian facilities, landscaping, and lighting along the corridor. The new infrastructure will include sidewalks, handicap ramps, pavement markings, signage, and street lighting, along with other components to improve that area of University Avenue.

Phase I of the $12.8-million University Avenue Revitalization is expected to be complete in November, with lane closures as needed.

You should make a note of another Lafayette project that could have you sitting in your car for longer than anticipated and add time to your commute.


johnston street
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From March 11 through March 23, contractors will be reconstructing the drainage catch basin on Johnston Street near its intersection with Jefferson Street. If you use that area to head into or out of downtown, be prepared.

The outside northbound lane (the one headed toward the Evangeline Thruway) will be closed. LCG is urging drivers to take an alternate route while work is completed.

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