Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - Lafayette residents and anyone within earshot of a local radio station remember the quintessential voice on the Pieces of Eight commercials. The slightly-accented, faintly-gravely, iconic voice of proprietor Nada Breaux seeped through the speakers, explaining to potential patrons what treasures they could find in the store that featured everything from antiques to china to stationary. The phrase "if you know, you know" absolutely fits when you think about the commercials. If you do know, you can hear the voice in your head as you read this article!

The Louisiana business has been operating for more than 50 years in Lafayette's Oil Center and is still going strong today. But, they are moving from their current home and will be serving Lafayette from a different venue in late spring 2024.

The business has been operating since 1971 and relocated in the same area to a bigger space in 1983. Located at 902 Coolidge, the 9,000 square foot store expanded its offerings to include interior decor and a larger selection of gifts. A gift wrapped from Pieces of Eight has always been truly special and the name synonymous with elegance.

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As we entered 2024, the Breaux family decided they'd like to retire. They sold the building to a new owner, and three sisters bought the Pieces of Eight gift shop. The trio is no stranger to family business. Their mother, Pamela Chapman, owned another Lafayette staple for many years, La Mode Shoes. Their father Randy and his father owned Judice Electric Motor Company.

They underscored their experience and commitment to Acadiana in a letter announcing their acquisition:

The sisters grew up working at both businesses and learning what it takes to sustain a locally owned shop in Acadiana: exceptional quality products & superior customer service.

Natalie Judice Duhon, Nichole Judice Romero, and Angelle Judice Adams took the reins in March 2024 and made it Facebook official.

Loyal customers of Pieces of Eight may recognize one of the faces. Natalie has been an employee at Pieces of Eight for more than 8 years, and she's passionate about helping brides and very knowledgeable about the products the store offers.

In both a Facebook post and email to their customer base, the sisters proclaimed their excitement and details about the relocation to Lafayette's Time Plaza, on Johnston Street at Ridge Road.

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They are currently holding a storewide sale. It will certainly take some time to not only move but situate the new store befitting the Pieces of Eight name, so they will close the showroom from April 27 until May 3 before opening the doors of the new establishment.

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