LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - The defense and prosecution in the legal battle of Jacob de la Paz have agreed for the former St. Thomas More teacher to undergo a psychological evaluation.

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According to a report from KATC, assuming the judge signs off on the action, the evaluation could take place as soon as next month.

On Wednesday, the attorney for Jacob De La Paz filed a motion to have him transported from the St. Martin Parish jail where he's being held pending trial to a Lafayette clinical psychologist for an evaluation.

The evaluation, which is scheduled to last from 9:45 a.m. until 5 p.m., would be conducted next month, records show.

The motion, which hasn't yet been granted by a judge, does say that both De La Paz and prosecutors in the case agree the evaluation is appropriate.

De La Paz, who was a teacher in Vermilion Parish and at a Lafayette Catholic school, was indicted in May by a federal grand jury.

De la Paz, who began his Louisiana teaching career in Vermilion Parish before moving to STM in Lafayette Parish, was previously disciplined in Arkansas for inappropriate texts to a student there.

He is accused of attempting to produce child pornography after an explicit video of him appeared on social media. In the video, which De La Paz allegedly sent to a minor in Vermilion Parish, the former teacher and coach made graphic sexual suggestions while describing a sexual fantasy for the teen.

Credit: St. Thomas More/Facebook
Credit: St. Thomas More/Facebook

He is in the St. Martin Parish jail, where he's been since his arrest and arraignment, and has pleaded "Not Guilty" to the charge of attempting to produce child pornography.

He is being held without bond, and his trial is set to begin on September 25. If convicted, he faces a mandatory minimum of 15 years in federal prison, with a maximum of 30 years.

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