In response to the impending winter weather, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) has announced the closure of Interstate 49 (I-49) urban and I-49 to the Arkansas state line in Caddo Parish. This decision comes as part of the state's proactive measures to ensure road safety amid freezing temperatures and possible wintry precipitation forecasted for the region.

Motorists are advised to be cautious and aware of the DOTD crews and equipment that will be operating on the roadway during this period. The closure is a precautionary step to manage the anticipated winter weather conditions and to facilitate the DOTD's operations, including the application of de-icing materials and monitoring of bridges and elevated road sections.

For those planning to travel, updated and real-time travel conditions can be accessed at This platform provides the latest information on road closures and safety advisories, enabling travelers to make informed decisions about their routes.

The DOTD has been actively preparing for the winter weather, with supply inventories and equipment already inspected and in place. Crews are ready to be deployed to perform emergency winter weather operations, ensuring that roadways remain as safe as possible during these conditions.

As always, the safety of the traveling public is of utmost priority, and the DOTD urges everyone to stay informed and exercise caution during this period. Further information regarding the road closures and the state's winter weather preparations can be found at the following DOTD announcement links:

- I-49 Closure Information
- I-49 Urban Closure Information
- DOTD Winter Weather Preparations

Residents are encouraged to stay updated on the latest weather forecasts and travel advisories as the situation develops.

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