Dallas, TX (KPEL News) - Isn't it strange how we have added the phrase "path of totality" to our repertoire? We know "cone of uncertainty," "margin of error," "the Cajun trinity," and a slew of others we've collected over the years. Louisiana and Texas folks will need to hold "path" for a long while before we use it again, as the next time our area sees a solar eclipse like the one on April 8, 2024, won't be for another 50+ years.

Lafayette native Simone Day Sanchez moved near Dallas, Texas, in 2023 and lives in the path of totality. She and her husband had some fun as the moon was moving between the Earth and the sun, and she shared their delightful experience on social media. Of course, she made sure they offered their own commentary.

Full disclosure: I, this other Louisiana girl, watched the eclipse on NASA's website and am rather disappointed that I didn't decide to join the other eclipse chasers.

Back to Simone, she is really funny. As she watches through her glasses, she sees a "slither" of the moon. (Her husband was quick to correct her, but her sense of humor is refreshing.)

eclipse glasses
Courtesy Simone Day Sanchez

She, her husband, and kids who live just outside Dallas are fascinated as the sun becomes more eclipsed. You can see and feel her excitement.

She announced that, through her glasses, she can only see a small part of the sun visible. Then the sunlight goes away! If you look at one of the shots, you can see the spot in the center of the sun.

It's fascinating to see the light change quickly from daylight to an evening light to dark and back to daylight. She does note the weather. The temperature, she says, dropped a bit.

As she mentioned, storms were forecast to move into the Dallas area on Monday afternoon, but they were so fortunate to have clear (or relatively clear) skies to witness the celestial event safely.

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