A fistfight at a popular rest stop chain in Texas could have turned deadly, according to a video posted to social media. Luckily, it didn't.

Though the source of the video posted by the Twitter/X account "Dallas Texas TV" is unclear, it does seem to show two men in a physical altercation at a Buc-ee's in Texas. During the fight, one of the men reached behind him and pulled out a gun.

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WARNING: Strong Language

This is behavior that should not be tolerated on Hallowed ground, and thankfully no one was shot (also, it seems like a bad idea to pull out a gun at a gas station). There is no indication in the video as to what caused the fight, though we cannot rule out that one person took the last hot brisket sandwich.

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Credit: Dallas TV News/Twitter

Buc-ee's is a popular chain for a reason: It's a massive convenience store with dozens of gas pumps and the cleanest bathrooms ever. A lot of people are passionate about Buc-ee's, and this kind of behavior really upsets them.

You can tell based on the comments to the above tweet.

In all seriousness, drawing a gun in the heat of the moment may lead you to lose control of the situation. Given the man's stance and how he holds the gun, he has likely taken a gun safety course, but it becomes harder to predict the actions of others in a situation where those kinds of tensions are running high.

There is a also greater risk of the situation spiraling out of control. With it being in Texas, there's no guarantee the other gun didn't have a gun, either. A firefight at Buc-ee's? That's a bad situation.

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Again, thankfully, it does not appear to have escalated. But this is just dumb behavior all around.

Don't get in a fight in public.

Don't get in a fight at Buc-ee's.

Don't draw a gun at a gas station.

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