Caldwell Parish, LA (KPEL News) - The Louisiana Wildlife Commission will consider implementing a black bear hunting season when it meets on Thursday, November 2nd. The black bear population has nearly doubled in the state in less than 10 years. One of my best friends can certainly attest to that fact, since this lady was locked and loaded, and sent the bear scampering!

She and her husband live in Caldwell Parish, near Columbia, Louisiana. They are avid outdoorsmen, and their house sits on several acres of land in a remote area. They love the quiet and the seclusion, but their trail camera snaps pictures of lots of different animals, like the one you see here from Southern Boyz Outdoors.

Trail Cam pic via Southern Boys Outdoors Facebook
Trail Cam pic via Southern Boys Outdoors Facebook

She was home alone one night this week. She walked out the door for whatever reason, flipped on the porch light, and came nearly face-to-face with a black bear. The tree you see in the video sits about 25 feet from her house.


Courtesy Tracy Wirtz
Courtesy Tracy Wirtz

Let me tell you something. If a critter this size would have been this close to my porch, I would have run in the house, locked the door, hid under the bed, and called 911. All that if I didn't faint from fear first.

But not my friend who could give Daniel Boone a run for his money.

She starts hollering at the bear who, interestingly, seems afraid of her. Smart bear.

When he doesn't move fast enough, she grabs her pistol and fires a warning shot to scare him.

He's still not "gitting" as quickly as she'd like, so she goes back into the house to grab her long gun. You then see the bear hightail it up the tree, my friend continuing to holler at it.


Courtesy Tracy Wirtz
Courtesy Tracy Wirtz

She shines her immensely bright flashlight into the tree where the bear has perched and is staring at her. Whether in fear or in awe of this woman, we don't know. Probably both.

As the video ends, the bear is still treed and my friend continues to stand sentry.

I checked on her the next day. She stayed up most of the night and eventually went to bed. The tree was empty when she checked the next morning.

WORD OF CAUTION: She does use her outside voice, so it's loud. Adjust your volume accordingly.

Forgive my language, but my friend is a badass.

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