Acadiana is home for me.

I love it.

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The food, hospitality, culture, and sports make it one of my favorite places on planet earth.

Did I mention the food? Yeah? Well, let me mention it again.

Don's Seafood restaurant features a wide menu of Cajun cuisine, opening its doors at its first location back in 1934 by founder Don Landry.


If you live in south Louisiana, there's a good chance you've dined at a Don's Seafood location before.

One of the most popular items at Don's is gumbo, whether it be seafood or chicken and sausage.


On the menu, you'll notice these two types of gumbo, along with a crawfish bisque.

Photo by TSM
Photo by TSM

What you won't see listed is my favorite secret off-menu item in the world.

Did you know there's another gumbo you can order at Don's Seafood in Lafayette that isn't even on the menu?

It's the all-crab gumbo, and it's amazing.

It's one of my favorite meals in Lafayette.

The delicious all-crab gumbo isn't the only secret off-menu item at Don's.

Photo by TSM/ Don's Seafood sign next to the Lafayette location

The secret off-menu items at Don's Seafood in Lafayette include (but are not always limited to) -

1. The all-crab Gumbo (my personal favorite)

2. Bacon-wrapped shrimp and oysters (order this one early, as it takes a little extra time to prepare)

3. The Crab Claw Dinner

4. Seafood Fried Rice

I haven't tried all the secret items yet, but I plan on it.

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