Warner Bros. has released the first poster for Joker: Folie à Deux — and also revealed when we’ll get the first trailer for the movie.

In a Facebook post, Warners revealed that much-anticipated sequel will debut its teaser one week from today, on Tuesday, April 9.

The movie reunites co-writer/director Todd Phillips with star (and Oscar winner) Joaquin Phoenix from the original Joker, which became a shockingly huge smash in the fall of 2019, grossing more than $1 billion worldwide, despite it not containing Joker’s famous arch-nemesis Batman, or any other major DC Comics superheroes.

The sequel, adds at least one major DC character to the mix: Lady Gaga, playing the Joker’s longtime girlfriend, Harley Quinn. Unlike the original Joker, the sequel is also a musical. (Margot Robbie previously played Harley Quinn in three DC Extended Universe movies; the Joker films are not connected to any of those DCEU films.)

Here is the full poster for the sequel:

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

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I’m trying to think of the last time I saw a lit cigarette on a big blockbuster movie poster. It’s definitely been a while.

After the original movie became a huge hit, both Phillips and Phoenix expressed interest in making a sequel. Rumors of the project first emerged in the spring of 2021. One year later, Phillips confirmed the project by sharing a picture of its script — and thus revealing its Folie à Deux subtitle — on his Instagram account. Lady Gaga joined the project as the new Harley Quinn not long after.

Warner Bros. could use another Joker-sized hit; all of their DC movies last year were disappointments at the box office. The new DC Universe, started by James Gunn with his upcoming Superman movie, doesn’t kick off until the summer of 2025.

Joker: Folie à Deux is currently scheduled to open in theaters on October 4.

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