Cardi B shows off the aftermath of one of her veneers falling out as the result of eating a hard bagel.

Cardi B Shows Off Missing Tooth

On Tuesday (March 12), Bardi shared a post on TikTok that shows her standing poolside showing off her outfit while her new single plays in the background. "Wait til the end for a surprise..." is written over the clip. The video then switches scenes to show Cardi getting her hair done. She smiles to reveal one of her canine veneers is missing.

"How y'all doing muthaf**kas," she says in a cartoonishly country accent.

Cardi later admitted the reason for the missing veneer posting, "Why one of my veneers came out chewing on a hard a*s bagel?"

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Cardi B Preps New Album

It appears as though Cardi B is finally ready to drop her new sophomore album, six years after the release of her Grammy winning debut Invasion of Privacy. Two weeks ago, she released the "Like What (Freestyle)." She will be dropping the new track "Enough (Miami)" on Friday (March 15). Cardi has insisted she won't let anything stop her from putting out her album in 2024.

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See video of Cardi B showing that one of her veneers fell out after eating a hard bagel below.

Watch Cardi B Showing Off Her Smile With a Missing Tooth

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