New York City's Mayor Eric Adams is asking 50 Cent to give him a call after the rapper asked to understand why the city's migrants are being handed pre-paid debit cards.

New York City Mayor Tells 50 Cent to Hit Him Up

On Monday (Feb. 5), 50 Cent expressed concern over the mayor's proposal to allocate $53 million in cash-back cards to economically disadvantaged immigrants. The proposal aimed to help provide food relief to the massive flood of immigrants the city has housed since last year.

After the New York Post reported the news on their Instagram, 50 Cent commented about his confusion.

"WTF Mayor Adams call my phone. I don't understand how this works, somebody explain this to me," the G-Unit leader wrote. "I'm stuck, maybe TRUMP is the answer."

Mayor Adams appeared to have seen 50's comment and during his latest press conference had a few words for him.

"First to Fitty, I have not had one birthday that I have not played his music," Adams told reporters The Post asked him whether he’d reached out to the rap star. "So I told 50 Cent to hit me up...I would love to explain it to him so that he can go out and do another tweet of saying, ‘you know what, Eric is just a smart manager, and now we understand why he was elected by the people of the city of New York."

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50 Cent and New York Mayor Eric Adams Talk After Press Conference

On Tuesday (Feb. 6), 50 Cent revealed on Instagram that he actually did end up speaking to Mayor Eric Adams following the Mayor's invitation to talk. He appeared to be on board for the most part, but now wanted to speak with New York's Governor Kathy Hochul.

"Talk to @nycmayor Eric Adams," 50 wrote. "He broke down why this pilot program was put in place. He appeared to be on point, and on top of things. Now I want to talk to @govkathyhochul about the laws preventing him from doing things to make the situation better in New York. and where the proposed 2.4 billion she’s planning on spending on migrants is coming from…NOT MY TAXES!"

Back in January, 50 Cent had also raised concern about a migrant policy in California. The state had announced it'd be giving illegal migrants free health care, which 50 Cent was confused by.

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Watch New York City Mayor ask 50 Cent to hit him up and see 50's reaction below.

Watch New York City's Mayor Ask 50 Cent to Hit Him Up

See 50 Cent's Reaction on Instagram

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