YFN Lucci could be freed from jail as early as May after pleading guilty in his RICO case.

YFN Lucci Pleads Guilty in RICO Case

YFN Lucci's lengthy legal battle has finally come to a conclusion. On Tuesday (Jan. 23), the Atlanta rapper, born Rayshawn Bennett, pleaded guilty to one count of violation of the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act, in connection to his indictment on gang charges in 2021. With time served, Lucci could be free by the summer.

XXL reached out to YFN Lucci's attorney Drew Findling, who provided the following statement on the update in the case:

"After three years of pretrial litigation, more than two weeks of jury selection and three years of incarceration waiting for his jury trial, today, the prosecution finally relented and dismissed the murder and RICO charges against Rayshawn Bennett."

"After the dismissal of 12 of the 13 counts against him, Mr. Bennett entered a plea to one gang related count. As he has maintained for three years now, Mr. Bennett will NOT cooperate in any other case. By entering into this resolution, he will be eligible for parole in as early as four months from now. The prosecution has also agreed that he should be released early on parole and this will allow him to get back to his children, family and career."

According to WSB-TV, Lucci apologized to the victim's family as well as his own family and friends before he was sentenced.

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YFN Lucci's Legal Issues Explained

In January of 2021, YFN Lucci turned himself in to police to face murder charges. Police accused the rapper of being behind the wheel during a drive-by shooting that occurred in Atlanta in December of 2020. One of the men in Lucci's car was hit with retaliatory gunfire and was later ejected from the vehicle and left to die on an Atlanta street. Four months later, Lucci was among a dozen people indicted for racketeering, aggravated assault, murder, gun, armed robbery, property damage, theft and gang-related charges. He has been in the Fulton County Jail since then.

In March of 2022, Lucci was stabbed in jail during an altercation with another inmate and said he feared for his life. Young Thug was later accused in his own RICO case indictment of giving the green light for the assault, as a result of their ongoing beef. That December, Lucci's attorney shot down rumors that Lucci would testify in the Young Thug case.

Last June, Lucci was offered a 20-year plea deal. However, the rapper and his legal team shunned the motion and were ready to take the case to trial until the most recent plea deal was negotiated.

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