Some very sad news this morning, 'Jackass' star Ryan Dunn has died in a car crash in Pennsylvania. Reportedly Ryan died at 3 a.m. this morning along with an unidentified person who was in the vehicle. April Margera contacted the Preston & Steve Radio Show early this morning to confirm Ryan's death. According to Officer Geiger with the West Goshen PD, Ryan drove his Porsche over a guardrail and flew off of Route 322 in West Goshen, Pa. Dunn and the passenger did not survive after the car went airborne, slamming into a tree and bursting into flames.

Just before the crash, Dunn posted a picture on his Tumblr page drinking with friends.


Here is another photo of the wreckage being towed hours after the accident.


Dunn was very popular and mostly known for his wildly dangerous antics and practical jokes on the "Jackass" TV show as well as the 'Jackass' movies. He is also a member of the CKY Crew and has been a long-time friend of Bam Margera.

Ryan Dunn was 34. We'll keep you posted as more official updates and details roll in.

Ryan Dunn in Jackass 3D clip



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