First of all, if you are around the industry or a close watcher of things that are going on. There have been rumblings of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smiths relationship for as long as they have been married. However, this would be the first time that I can say that it got to this point of them having to discuss what went on.

Marriage is a funny thing. You can love someone with all of your heart and still have problems in the marriage. While looking outside of your marriage is not something that we want. It has happened on more occasion then most for many married couples out there. There is trauma that could have been from childhood days, disappointments in past relationships or upbringing and hurt that has had to be endured.

But it happens whether wrong or right and Jada decided to bring herself to "The Red Table",  and Will decided to accompany her with a great example of support unlike I have ever seen.


I wish nothing but the best for them and any couple who is going through some things right now. There are plenty of tough days. Sometimes more then good, but we have to fight the fight and keep pushing. Why August decided to talk about this now aside from possibly being hurt or to promote the new album. I can't really respect what he did. However, it's not my story to tell and everyone has their reasons for their decisions. Ironically I was listening to Straight From The Heart recently and they talked about a video that August released last year called Nunya, it gave hints of a situation with August and Jada, but no one really took the bait.Check it out for yourself.

Check out the video here.

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