Late Late Show host James Corden is known for doing Carpool Karaoke with his guests, but when Usain Bolt was on the show he had a different plan.

Corden challenged the 9-time Olympic Gold medalist to a foot race in the CBS parking lot to find out who was truly the "world's fastest man." What sweetened the deal was that actor Owen Wilson happened to be there that night, so he was just thrown into the 100-meter race, too!

Actually, the entire Late Late Show staff was included in the race and everyone would have a chance to see how they measured up to the fastest man in the world. What's crazy is that some of the staff members running were actually trying their hardest and still didn't come close to Bolt, who wasn't even close to running full speed.

In addition to being comical, Corden's showdown with Bolt just goes to show you how fast Bolt and other Olympic runners are really moving when we see them racing on television.

The same goes for professional athletes, so maybe we should think twice before yelling at our televisions when our favorite players aren't living up to our expectations—but then again, they do get paid millions of dollars.

Also, James Corden should definitely stick to Carpool Karaoke, lol.

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