Yes, it's hot in Louisiana.

Jarvis Landry
Jarvis Landry


The New Orleans Saints are training for their upcoming season and they are doing so in Metairie, La.

While some teams elect to relocate during training camp, to escape the heat, the Saints have stayed home and the heat is brutal.

Jarvis Landry, who is back in Louisiana to play for the Saints, recently posted a photo of himself after practice and he is doing his best to recover.

In the photo, which you can see here, Landry, who is from Louisiana, is receiving cupping therapy after a practice in the Louisiana heat.

While this form of therapy is not unusual for athletes, I can honestly say that I've never seen so many of these "cups" on anyone.

The purpose of this type of therapy is to increase blood flow, thus allowing for quicker recovery when it comes to things like soreness.

Landry, who recently played for the Cleveland Browns, returned to his home state to play for the Saints, but he probably has not practiced in elements as we have down south since his days at LSU.

Check out this photo and ask yourself if you could endure this.


Here's a quick reminder of how good Landry was while at LSU. Check out some of these highlights from LSU.


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