Jason Derulo has been in recovery mode for several months after fracturing his neck in January, forcing him to cancel his world tour. The singer, who was rehearsing for that very road trek when he sustained the injury, made his first public appearance since the incident, revealing that he is working on a new album! 

Wearing a blinged out, black neck brace studded with crystals, Derulo looks good even while in recovery mode from a life-threatening accident. Even better, he revealed that he has about two months left to go in the process, but that he has kept incredibly busy while holed up.

During a chat with A Place Called Home, Derulo revealed that his custom neck brace was made in France by a friend who whipped it up, bedazzled it and sent it over to him. He also offered a progress update, saying, “It’s a five month recovery process and I am three months into it. I get to take this off in three weeks and then start the rehab. Then I will get back to doing what I do best, getting on that stage.”

While immobilized by his injury, Derulo didn’t sit back and rest. Instead, he worked on new music, saying, “I am in the process of recording another album … I was inspired by a second chance at life.”

We hope Jason Derulo’s completes his recovery ASAP and gets back to performing soon. We’re pulling for you, Jason!

Watch Jason Derulo Comment on His Recovery

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