Following in the footsteps of his good friend Pharrell Williams, Jay Z collaborates with Daft Punk on the synth-heavy 'Computerized.' According to reports, the leaked song was co-produced by Kanye West.

On the track, Hov details a complicated relationship that’s tarnished by the advent of computers and the Internet. "I hope to find my love like we use to before dial up," he raps, adding, "I got an iTouch, but I can’t feel."

Meanwhile, the Grammy-winning production duo robotically croons, "Computerized / Computerized / Everyone will be computerized," adding, "Fast is the word now into the future."

It’s not clear when this song was recorded or how it leaked onto the Internet. The futuristic track sort of reminds us of Yeezy’s 2007 computerized anthem 'Stronger.'

Is Jay Z and Daft Punk’s collaboration hot or not? Tell us in the comments below.

Listen to Daft Punk's 'Computerized' Feat. Jay Z

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