You see artists have to pay up just like we do.  We can't let them get away with everything, and it doesn't even matter if Jay Z is a New York Yankees fan.

According to TMZ, Jay Z was messing around with his workers personal safety.  Health and safety should always be taken seriously. Make sure you right that down.  Looks like Jay Z 'forgot' to pay his coworker some money that he owed them.........for 3 MONTHS!

It's said that his insurance was supposed to pay up to cover his employees. (What I mean by employees is house maids, drivers, and cooks.)  I don't think that it is a big loss though, because I can do all of that myself.

He has got to hate his insurance. Because of those guys, Jay Z had to fork over $18,000.  The rapper of 'Paris' said that he would never neglect his workers and this was just an error with the insurance company that has been taken care of. Paying $18,000 would hurt me a little bit, but I guess for Jay Z that is pretty much pocket change.  It must be pretty nice to be him.