Last night, one ironic incident at the 2012 BET Awards brought one of the most shocking moments in pop culture history full circle. The moment took place as Jay-Z and Kanye West's "Otis" won the award for Video of the Year. Hova started off the acceptance speech by thanking BET and stepped aside to let Yeezy speak. Just as Kanye began to utter his first thank yous, Jay busted in and interrupted Kayne by saying,

Excuse me Kanye, I'm gonna let you continue, but,

The joke was clearly a reference to Kanye's notorious Taylor Swift incident, and got a huge rise out of the crowd - most notably Beyonce and Kim K. Telling you about it doesn't do it any justice though, so watch it below and be sure to share it with everyone who likes to laugh - especially at Kanye West.

Jay-Z Interrupts Kanye At 2012 BET Awards