You would think that everyone in New York knows who Jay-Z is, right? Uh, wrong. In a cute scene from Hov's online documentary 'Where I'm From,' the Brooklyn rhyme-slinger rides the subway and chats with an elderly woman who doesn't recognize him... at first.

Surrounded by hundreds of fans and a few security details, Jay-Z jumps on the R train and sits next to a fellow straphanger. "Are you famous?" the gray-haired woman asks the 'Empire State of Mind' rapper.

"Not very famous -- you don't know me," Jay humbly replies with a smile. "I'll get there someday."

The touching moment is among the many highlights of the 24-minute documentary, which chronicles Jay-Z's eight-night residency concert at the Barclays Center back in October.

During their brief conversation, we discover that the woman's name is Ellen Grossman, and has been living in New York for the last 46 years. She is 67 years old, and like Jay, she is a Brooklyn native. Jay-Z also tells her that he makes music for a living before explaining he's going to perform his final show after a seven-run stint at the new Barclays Center.

"I'm proud of you," Ellen said.

We are too.