If you were one of the biggest names in the music industry (along with a few other industries), how would you respond if someone didn't know who you were?

While Jay Z was vacationing in Paris, he was walking around with his entourage and his daughter Blue Ivy. As you can see in the video, the big guy in the front tells the man with the camera "No Video!"

The guy replies with "who is he?"

With a confused look on Jay Z face he says "who are you!"

The man replies with "Mepaul!"  (sketchy laugh!)

I think the man with the camera was just happy Jay Z talked to him. I'll give the guy the benefit of the doubt, he is from another country. I'm sure there are people in the millions who don't know or care who Jay Z is. BUT, by the way this man laughed he knows exactly who Jay Z is, plus he was videoing him.

What do you think, did this man know who Jay Z is or nah? Comment below.

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