For Christmas this year, as I was shopping, I found a faux gift box that was going to be perfect for Shannon.
It was at the check-out counter at a major retailer in Lafayette, and as soon as I set my eyes on it, I knew that I had to have it for her.
Let’s back up a little. I’ve been knowing Shannon for a dozen years or more, and if there is anything I’ve learned during our time together, it’s that there are a few specific things that gross her out.
Shower curtains, toenails, and ear wax. There are a few others, but these 3 top the list. Not in that particular order, mind you: I think that they are equally repulsive to her. The most repulsive, though, is the one she is having to deal with at any particular moment.
Now, back to the story. The prank gift box I saw on the shelf in the store was this:

Earwax Candle Kit 1 (Photo by John Falcon)

Yes, an at-home Ear Wax Candle Kit. On the side of the box, it clearly says:

“After all, whispers sound better with clean ears”.

As you can see by the picture above, the images show very grotesque-looking candles, presumably made with ear wax (are those tiny hairs sticking out the side of the candle?).

Earwax Candle Kit 4 (Photo by John Falcon)

The picture of the couple having dinner, toasting with their wine glasses, with the ear wax candle burning right next to them made Shannon gag even more.

I honestly think that she thought that the gift was real. I was trying not to laugh while I was recording the video (below). I think that every picture on the box made her gag more than the previous. Check out the extraction method!

Earwax Candle Kit 2 (Photo by John Falcon)

That headpiece, though.  Hahahaha!! And the woman holding the bowl of ear wax!

Earwax Candle Kit 3 (Photo by John Falcon)

Since I made such a fuss over that gift combined with the fact that I wanted to record her opening the gift gave her the false impression that it was her “big” gift (sneaky, no?)!

Not to worry – she was pleased with the real gifts the box contained.
So, how about you? Were you able to successfully deliver any gag gifts this year?

(Youtube/99.9 KTDY, Sears)