If you’re going to hack into a celeb’s Twitter account, you may want to stay away from the women of ‘Jersey Shore.’ They don’t take these things -- or anything, really -- lightly. And this weekend was proof of that after Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley’s account was hacked and she struck back.

Later on, after having possibly identified the hackers (who also changed her profile pic to a swastika), JWoww had this to say to them -- in her usual, shrinking violet manner.

But even after some back and forth with one of the people she accused, she wasn't done yet. And, once again, she was her typical soft-spoken self.

Turns out JWoww wasn't alone. A quick check over at Sammi Giancola’s Twitter page shows no avatar, fewer than 200 followers, no tweets and the line “She was hacked at 1,700,000.”

A concerned fan called it to JWoww's attention, but there was no need.

But that’s not the only hacking story -- this was a weekend of ‘Jersey Shore’ hacks that may have all begun with the Situation on his birthday.

It's comforting to know that even though 'Jersey Shore' ended last year, we can still blame the Sitch for something.

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