What you won't find on newsstands now: Jennifer Garner's exclusive take on her split from ex-husband Ben Affleck.

Yesterday (May 31), People published a cover story that featured the headline "Life After Heartbreak" with a subhead that read "Since ending her troubled marriage to 'the love of her life...'" Garner, who'd never given the publication an interview, decided to cut through the noise, and proceeded to post a disclaimer on Facebook to debunk the idea that she'd set the whole thing into motion.

"It has been brought to my attention that there is a People magazine cover and article out today that appear to be coming from me," she began. "It isn't unusual for me to receive calls from loved ones thinking I forgot to tell them I am pregnant — with twins! — (Geez Louise), but those are so ridiculous they're easy to ignore."

Then, she simply brushed the story aside.

“This isn’t a tragedy by any measure, but it does affect me and my family and so, before my mom’s garden club lights up her phone, I wanted to set the record straight," she said. “I did not pose for this cover. I did not participate in or authorize this article. While we are here, for what it’s worth, I have three wonderful kids and my family is complete.”

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