I love news bloopers.

A news anchor in Namibia did not know that she was on live television when she started to plan out the next segment.

Well, she found out that was on live television after another anchor told her, "Jessica we are live."

Twitter via Qondi
Twitter via Qondi

Now, that statement is trending, and here's why. I assume that Jessica did not see that the red light was on in the studio when she started to play boss with her colleague.

The number one rule all broadcasters are taught to follow is to assume that the microphone is always on, Jessica was not following that very important rule while in the studio.

Jessica's facial expressions really change once she is informed that she is on live television, check it out.

After this mishap, one station decided to have some fun with it and they parodied it and you can see it here. The only thing here, they may have set themselves up for a future parody of themeselves.

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