I do not know anyone who isn't a fan of Jo-el Sonnier. I am not just talking about the music he makes either. I am talking about the man who makes the music. There is a warmth, kindness, and passion that you feel every time you shake the man's hand. He is a true Louisiana gentleman and a darn fine ambassador of our music and our culture to the rest of the world.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Jo-el for longer than either one of us would care to admit. To be able to call Jo-el Sonnier a Grammy Winner just absolutely makes my heart smile.

On last night's 57th Grammy Awards Pre-Telecast event Jo-el Sonnier was awarded a grammy for his album "The Legacy".  The win was Jo-el's first Grammy win after being nominated four other times. Jo-el was the winner in the Best Regional Roots category. He was chosen over other Louisiana nominees, Bonsoir Catin and the Magnolia Sisters.



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