Joaquin Phoenix will be seen on the big screen in "Joker" opening Friday, but he already has his next movie lined up, and he'll be filming in New Orleans.

Phoenix is already garnering Oscar buzz for his role in the new Joker movie opening on October 4th. That doesn't mean that he can't already have his sights set on his next movie role.

Discussing Film reports that he'll be teaming up with writer/director Mike Mills for a movie that'll start filming in November.

New Orleans is one of four places that the movie will be filmed along with New York, Los Angeles, and Detroit.

Not much is known about this upcoming project. So far it is being described as an "Untitled Drama." It will be written and directed by Mike Mills who is known for writing and directing 20th Century Women, a film that tells the story of a teenage boy, his mother and two other women who help raise him among the love and freedom of Southern California in 1979. He also wrote and directed "Beginners" which focuses on a young man who is rocked by two announcements from his elderly father - that he has terminal cancer and that he has a young male lover.

The only other detail that is known thus far is that Phoenix's character will be named Johnny.

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